How to Arrange L Shaped Sofas: 7 Living Room Ideas

L shaped sofas can be used in any room, regardless of their shape or size. They can be used for a diversity of purposes, which includes:

  • Create a relaxing and attractive lounge space.
  • Make a stunning, eye-catching focal point for your living space.
  • Make a distinction between the living and dining (or working) areas.
  • Provide as many seats as possible without taking up too much of the available space in a small room.

These adaptable Sofa bed Australia are also present in a range of styles to match your decor and requirements. These are some of them:


1. The traditional L shaped sofa



The longer half of the L includes back support, while the other end has a chaise that’s excellent for lounging.


2. L shaped sofas with a cushioned backrest

This is great for a small area that requires a lot of comfortable seating, as it has back support from the majority of the L. An L shaped sofa can easily support six or seven people when compared to a standard three-seater and two-seater sofa set.


3. Recliner chairs

These have recliner chairs on both ends of the L, making them ideal for couples who want to accommodate guests while also creating a home theatre atmosphere on movie evenings.

4. L shaped sofas with sectionals

l shaped sofa









These Sofa bed Sydney are increasingly available in modular parts, allowing you to construct your own Sofa bed Australia. Because the individual blocks can simply be moved around to clean to provide further seats for visitors, these sectionals allow flexibility in modifying the seating arrangement. Some even feature additional ottomans that may be nested in the living room to make a comfy double bed.

5. People who sleep

These Sofa bed sale contain a pull-out bed, making them suitable for tiny households that need to accommodate overnight guests. They are bulkier than standard L-shaped sofas, but they provide a space-saving solution that is worth its weight in gold.

Regardless matter the sort of Sofa bed Australia you choose, organizing it in your space can be difficult. This is mostly owing to its total dimensions, which limits your placement options.

We’ve looked at the advantages and disadvantages of seven different room layouts to help you narrow down your choices.

The first L shaped sofa layout is in the room’s centre #1










This style of plan is perfect for folks who have a spacious living room and enjoy entertaining guests.

Allowing the L-shape to take center stage necessitates committing the majority of your room’s middle to your sofa. It’s usually arranged around a fireplace to provide warmth, comfort, and a sense of community.

If your room is large enough, add more armchairs to the open end of the sofa to make a massive entertaining space within the semi-circular zone you’ve created.

Choose neutral colors for your major furniture and walls, then add bright pops of color with accent cushions, richer-toned occasional tables, cabinets, and shelving.

The intimate circle #2 L shaped sofa pattern

If you have a smaller area, combine your couch with a similar armchair to make a circular area for your family and friends to converse or snuggle up with while watching TV.

To achieve this look, place the armchair against the vertical section of the sofa. If you’re enjoying a night in front of the TV, simply swivel it around to face the screen.

Place one or two circular coffee tables in the center of your circle. These tables take up less room than rectangle tables and assist in drawing people in closer together.

Layout #3 of the L shaped sofa: Against a window wall










You’ve created an ideal area for reading and relaxing by placing your corner sofa against a window.

Bathing in the warmth and brightness of the sun is the ideal way to unwind after a long day or spend a lazy weekend.

Choosing neutral colours contributes to the room’s peaceful mood and keeps the focus on natural light. Why not use neutrally coloured pillows with a colourful and striking design to liven things up a little?

Layout #4 of the L shaped sofa: Separating two areas of the living room

An L shaped sofa’s length can be used to form a barrier between two areas of a room. For example, the sofa could be wrapped around a television to create a lounge, with the other half of the space being utilized for dining.

You can soften the divide between the two areas of the room by using a Sofa bed Australia with a low back or a chaise section with no back at all.

Use complementary but slightly different colours in the two rooms you’ve constructed, as well as on their decorations and furniture, to emphasize the distinction.

To bind the rooms together, repeat the colour scheme of one half of the room in the accessories used in the other half, such as pillows and rugs.

Layout #5 of the L shaped sofa: the back wall sweep

A huge Sofa bed Sydney running the length of the back wall gives enough of sitting without taking up too much room in your living room.

The sofa running along the back wall forms a visual trail from the room’s entrance door to the primary relaxation space.

Although the sofa is large, it does not appear to be overbearing. Making sure the sofa’s colour matches the rest of the room’s colour scheme helps it blend in even more.

A rectangle rug and a rectangular coffee table can be used to create

Layout #6 of the L shaped sofa: the loft room










Longer Sofa bed sale can be used in big open areas, such as studio flats or apartments, to give the sense of a distinct room.

In large, open-concept areas, this helps to create the illusion of a designated lounge area. Choosing contrasting colours for your sofa and other furnishings in this area helps to create the impression of a different environment.

To further define your lounge, use a huge rug and ottomans.

Choose a sofa that is long-lasting and has a lengthy warranty, and you’ll be able to rearrange your space with your sofa bed sale for many years.

Layout #7 of the L shaped sofa: the stretched sofa in a short space

Extended Sofa bed Sydney isn’t just for lofts; they may work well in smaller areas as well. There’s no reason why a long L shaped sofa couldn’t supply all the seating you need in a simple, compact configuration if you pare down the other furniture online and chairs in your lounge.

By utilizing your sofa in this manner, you avoid the trap of overcrowding your home with too many pieces of furniture online in a limited space.

Cushioned, flat ottomans can be put at one end if needed, and a slender, sleek coffee table will keep the appearance streamlined without seeming crowded.

Putting your L shaped sofa together










The L-shape is quite versatile in terms of creating elegant living areas in both large and small spaces. It’s surprisingly adaptable to different layouts for a large piece of furniture – and it’s a true joy to relax on, wherever you put it!

Create your own L-shaped couch by combining our modular sofas to create exactly what you need, or get the perfect accessories with our side sofa and ottoman matching pairs.

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