Single Sheet Sets

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Premium Material Single Sheet Sets to Be Bought Now

While some people are looking for maximum comfort, others want extra warmth or breathability—some even shop primarily for appearance and pick sheets based only on what will look best in the bedroom. Other factors to consider when shopping for the most comfortable sheets include the finish, like percale or sateen, and whether any dyes are used. 

A night of comfortable and peaceful sleep is everyone’s right. Make sure you choose the best bed sheet sets to have an undisturbed sleep. Our single sheet sets are made from 100% cotton flannel that is natural and breathable and provides maximum comfort. These single sheet sets are made using an 8-level brushing finish and provide an ultra-soft and cozy feel. The fitted sheet is fully elastic- Premium elastic encased around all four sides to keep the fitted sheet in place.

Soft & Comfortable Single Sheet Sets from Furniture Offers

Our hotel-quality fitted sheet sets are woven from the highest quality microfiber material, double brushed on both sides for ultimate softness and comfort. These single sheet sets have deep pockets to fit deep. Resistant to pilling and snagging, our sheets are pet-friendly and made to last. Our fabulous selection of vibrant colors won’t fade after washing. Fade, stain, shrink and wrinkle resistant. This comfy set is smooth and, best of all, much more affordable than many other bed sheets on the market. Plus, there are tons of colors and patterns to choose from. The sheets are available in both standard sizes and varieties with extra-deep pockets.

Wash With Care from Furniture Offers

These single sheet sets are suggested to give machines washed warm with like colors and before first use, tumble dry low. The cotton yarns are woven, then brushed three times on the face and once on the back. The fabric is then colored and or printed and finished with three additional brush treatments on the face and one on the back. Cotton is a naturally breathable fiber. Our single sheet sets dry quickly on tumble dry low temperature.