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With our Awnings from Furniture offers, you can Keep your Balcony Cool

The earliest air conditioners had a side awning that kept you cool both inside and out. Outdoor awnings are constructed of the highest-quality materials, and systems are available at reasonable prices. Give your family and home some sunlight whenever you choose!

Sun and Rain Protection for Your Family

When you put a balcony screen on your deck or patio, the shade is priceless, and you and your family are protected from up to 98 percent of the sun’s harmful UV rays. Reduced direct sunlight via a side awning may lower the temperature of your terrace or courtyard by 20°F, protecting your family’s health and increasing your outdoor enjoyment. Your pets will like the shade as well!

Lower Your Energy Bills

A properly positioned balcony screen will save you money and reduce your carbon footprint. Window awnings, often known as the original air conditioner, may help you save up to 25% on your energy bills. In the winter, close your window awnings to enjoy the additional warmth and light from the sun.

Easy to Care For and Low Maintenance

Outdoor awnings are created to combine the greatest standards of style and functionality. Our gardening tools are constructed entirely of plastic fabrics and are waterproof and mildew resistant. It comes in a variety of hues, and our one-of-a-kind folding garden will stay light and lovely for ten years or more.

Improve the Look and Feel of Your Home and Lifestyle

If you want to add more living space to your home, a standing awning is the most cost-effective and least intrusive way to do it while also increasing the value of your home.

At Furniture offers, we work with you to choose the location, style, material, and colors that best fit you. Gardening tools that have been custom-designed and produced are available for purchase. Request a quote for a standing awning now.