Weighted Blanket

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Do you have trouble sleeping? Are you an insomniac? Does anxiety keep you awake when you sleep alone? Or do you get extremely tired that your body aches while you sleep? We have a simple solution for you that will make you sleep better so you have a healthy mind and relaxed body. You can buy a weighted blanket Australia from Furniture Offers so you can have a sound sleep.
What is a weighted blanket?

These are therapeutic blankets that are 10% of the body’s weight. The weighted blankets are heavy enough to make the user feel held by someone. These are ideal for people who need to be comforted and relaxed when they sleep. It does deep touch pressure therapy because of the weight that puts pressure on the body of the person that releases serotonin to the brain which makes the mind calm and happy.

So no more crying to sleep because these weighted blanket Australia will be there for your comfort while you can cuddle with these as someone is lying beside you. They are adjustable to any shape. There are various sizes that you should buy according to your body weight because these blankets have to be 10% of the total body weight. Several materials that are used in making them are polyester, cotton, fleece, faux fur, etc. They are stitched to retain the fillings inside while you can wash them easily.
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