Double Bed Frames

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Buy a Double Bed Frame, Including a gas lift Bed Frame

Your bedroom is incomplete without a bed in it. And suppose you are finding good quality that is reasonably priced. In that case, you will discover an excellent range to purchase double beds. Create and build the bed of your dreams with a double bed frame from furniture offers.

 We have a wide collection of double beds and bed frames to suit all styles, tastes,s and living spaces. A double bed is regularly a vital piece of furniture in a bedroom. It can take a large amount of space, and we spend a tremendous amount of time in it. Afterpay furniture is your best friend throughout countless parts of the day. Selecting a double bed frame means considering your ease preferences, sizing requirements, and individual style.


We don’t all have the lavishness of space in our homes. At times it feels like we should make do with a smaller bed to free the space. We get it, space is valuable, and a standard-sized double bed takes much of it. But have you thought that a double bed frame with built-in storage could be a solution? It’s exactly what it sounds like. 

Your double bed frame or gas lift bed frame doubles up as storage space either in the headboard or underneath the mattress in the shape of drawers or shelves. The intelligent feature means you don’t have to cooperate on the area – and make certain significant belongings are always within reach of your bed!

For instance, a gas lift bed frame built in draws beneath could be practical for keeping bedding sets, duvets, or clothes. And what about bed frames that let you turn over the bed base, so you can utilize the entire space underneath for storing your stuff? Even if you choose not to go with a double bed frame with storage solutions, plenty of our bed frames are sufficient to slide boxes beneath.