Bar Stools & Chairs

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Elevated Bar Stools from Furniture Offers

The bar stools are elevated chairs that are up to the counter’s height. You might have seen them in the clubs or bars where you can sit while you order your drinks to the bartender. You can buy bar stools for your home to have your own bar furniture and be used in the kitchen. We have various bar table and stools at Furniture Offers that you can purchase at affordable rates. Please go through the variety of bar stools at our store order yours according to your choice.


The design of the bar stools is varying in terms of your choice, brands, and the material used in making them. We have a wooden bar, table, and chairs. You can also buy poly rattan and steel bar stools. They are elevated and high above the ground. The design of the bar stools is narrow and high. There is a long structure with a small seat. The bar stools have footrests for easy climbing and comfortable posture. You can rest your feet on the footrests. We have swivel stools that can be rotated to 360 degrees for a fun experience. There are various colors and designs of the stools that will innovate your bar furniture. They can also be placed in the offices or kitchen because they are equal to the height of the counter so that you can work better in kitchens.

Outdoor bar stools

The outdoor bar stools are designed with exotic designs and weather-resistant materials like poly rattan, plastic, or high-quality steel. You can keep the stools safe from the sun or rain. They also have a comfortable seat that can be detached if you choose to. We have bar stools for the outdoors that stay durable most of the time.